Yet another small getaway to Singapore, and this time we decided to go to the Singapore Zoo. The last time we went there was about 4 years ago, after I had a small operation in Singapore, so my memories are a bit hazy.
This time around it was way better because there's a new exhibition with Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the giant pandas and also red pandas! Absolutely the highlight of the visit of course :)
The pandas were only on preview at the Singapore Zoo until March 30th, but will be part of the River Safari, which will be opening on April 3rd.

Another highlight of the day was the food: a really good chinese food place called Mama Panda, right after the panda exhibition, where we found a really cute bakpao in the shape of a panda! And also, Ben & Jerry's ice cream stalls all over the zoo. I especially love their coffee milkshake :)