So as I was explaining in an earlier post, Amal and I now go regularly to a library that's situated close to our home. I had heard of this library a while ago, but never really found the time to go until a few weeks ago when we went with a few friends of Amal's. That's when I realized just how great their collection was and I thought this would be a good weekend activity with Amal. And I think the stars aligned cause on that day, Amal borrowed his first book and devoured it in one day only (it was a 200-page book!).

Arts and crafts area
Children's books area
Adult books area
I highly recommend this library if you live in Jakarta Selatan. It's called RIMBA BACA and is situated on Jl. RSPP (Jl. Intan) no. 21B, Cilandak. It's behind Rumah Sakit Fatmawati, and you enter through a small street right across from Citos.
They have a facebook page with lots of photos so check it out: Rimba Baca.

The way it works is that you pay a one-time annual fee of I think Rp. 350,000 and you're entitled to borrow 5 books per week. I honestly think you really get your money's worth with the extensive collection of books they have, instead of having to buy all these books you might want to read :)