Last night, I had the privilege to meet 2 young french people who are on a trip (almost) around the world. Their goal was to go from France to Indonesia, but along their way, they managed to spend more than a year visiting countries like: Germany, Austria, Hungaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, China, Vietnam, Laos, just to name a few... Oh and by the way, they've been doing the whole trip by bicycle!! :)) 

You always hear about people who do these kinds of extraordinary voyages, but to actually meet them and hear their stories is something pretty special. They seemed like very open-minded, energetic people and one of their aims is to share their stories and the sounds and music of their travels to people back home. So they've created a blog, in French but you can certainly Google Translate it. I can imagine them looking back 20-30 years from now and have a huge smile on their face thinking about this wonderful journey :)

Here's their blog is you're interested to check it out: http://lesoreillesbaladeuses.blogspot.com/