It's funny when you see your own child and realize just how much he's been influenced by his parents. Amal's musical taste is not the same as your average kid (or at least most of the kids in his class). I know this for a fact because he says he doesn't talk about "his kind of music" with his friends; he says "they don't listen to that kind of music Mom!".
Today as we were having lunch, he suddenly asked me "Do you know who my top 5 best singer/groups are?".
So to keep this memory and share it with him in a couple of years, here were his answers to Amal's Top 5 Singer/Groups:

1. THE BEATLES (of course!) - this is a 3 generation thing, from my dad, to Amal's dad, then down to Amal so this is no surprise
His favorite song: I Am The Walrus

2. PHOENIX - he knows most of the songs from the album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" by heart!
His favorite song: Lisztomania

3. STONE ROSES - this came as a surprise! What the?? Hahahaha... this is definitely his dad's influence cause I never listen to Stone Roses. I have nothing against them, but I just don't have their music on my iPod :)
**Update: apparently, Amal first really liked the song "Ten Story Love Song" but ever since he listened to "Love Spreads", that one's become his favorite.
His favorite song: Love Spreads

4. SEAN LENNON - Beatles influence of course, but we do listen to a lot of Sean Lennon. And, recently because he likes Sean Lennon, he's become obsessed with watching "Monster in Paris" starring none other than... Sean Lennon!
**Update: at first, Sean Lennon was first introduced as John Lennon's son because Amal had already been introduced to The Beatles, but little by little he came to like the whole "Friendly Fires" album.
His favorite song: Dead Meat

5. JONSI - ever since I saw "We Bought A Zoo", I can't stop listening to Jonsi, so it stuck with Amal and now he's the one who asks to listen to it in the car :)
His favorite song: Boy Lilikoi

**All updates based on stories from Amal's dad :)