I know I've been extremely lucky this year to be able to travel twice already and it's practically still the beginning of 2012. I've been desperately wanting to pay a visit to Adri & Sissy in Sydney since they moved there, more so because I've never been to Australia so when Air Asia announced they finally fly to Sydney (and also because Adri & Sissy are hoping to move soon), I thought it's now or never. Though I will be repaying the plane tickets probably till sometime in 2013, it was all worth it!!!
Sydney is an amazing city with happy, healthy people. The weather was so nice when we were there, sometimes warm, sometimes breezy. We ate a lot of nice food, had some picnics here and there, visited some museums and best of all (I think Amal and my favorite destination), we went to Taronga Zoo. I'll do a special post on that because it is quite an amazing place. 
The photos below are just a few pics I took when we were there...