I've been wanting to post something about our last Cooking Playdate session but just didn't find the time to write down the recipes. 

Our last session was so much fun! Having our minds more set on our halloween theme, and some of us had to catch the Tame Impala concert in the evening, so our cooking experience became more an "eating" experience with each of us coming prepared with something previously cooked. However, we will share recipes in the Cooking Playdate blog, don't you worry :)

Ranie made us a delicious orange punch with fresh sunkist oranges, nata de coco, jellies and sprite. Yeah, she definitely rules the drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic!)

The food included lasagna (homemade by Sandri & me), barbecued chicken by Dinda, fresh salad from Tarra, spaghetti with corn by Dinda, pumpkin soup by me and topped off by an apple tart made by my lovely mother :)

What started out as lovely decorations were soon mutilated and carved into frightful halloween pumpkins (see below the adults having fun).

Et voila, the result of our hard labour!
And here we are below (minus Dinda, who had to leave early):