This post inspired me to put up pictures of my son's room, which we just finished decorating. I think it's really important for a child to feel happy and content in his room. Amal chose himself the colors of his walls and I like that it's quite spacious enough for him to play in.
It took a while to decorate this room because we decided to give him a big bed instead of his small one that he had previously. Also, we repainted a bookshelf that my parents had and generously gave for him to use.

Amal's bookshelf and drawing board, with paintings he had made when he went to the Abrakadoodle camp this summer

Lots and lots of books :)

The "big boy" bed and on the wall is a map of the world I had bought 10 years ago when I was a student in Paris

Amal's clothes cupboard (previously owned by his dad) with Amal's paintings above it

The study area where he's supposed to be doing his homework (though he still prefers to do it in the living room!)